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HIH: Writer's Block

A subcommunity of Hogwarts Is Home

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HiH Writer's Block
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Harry Potter Writing Challenges

Welcome! HiH Writer's Block is a subsidiary community of hogwartsishome! To join, you must first be sorted at platform_934 and be a member of hogwartsishome and your common room.

Writer's Block is a challenge-based community where members write fic based on various prompts, which are then voted upon. In general, prompts will be posted once per week. Members may submit one (1) entry per prompt.


Unless otherwise stated, all fics must adhere to the following rules:

1.) Entries should be between 100 and 500 words.
2.) Include only official Harry Potter characters from the books and movies. No original characters or characters from other series.
3.) No fics of an R or NC-17 rating. We have members of all ages, and they must be able to read all fics in order to vote fairly. (Use common sense for this, but examples include no intense violence, no graphic sex scenes, etc.)
4.) All fics MUST incorporate the given prompt in some way. In most cases, you can interpret this however you wish, but I have to be able to see it.
5.) Owning Parchment and/or a Quill from Diagon Alley earns you five extra points per fic, per item, for a max of 10 points. In order to receive these points, you must sign the roster here.
6.) To preserve formatting, all fics must be submitted in a textbox. To create one, use this example and remove the asterisks (*):

Fic here

Important Links
- Quill and Parchment Roster
- Comments, Questions, Suggestions

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